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Friday, October 31, 2008

Chop Chop

I'm on a proper cheese and tomato at the moment - the roll continued last night at Manchester G when we chopped between the last five players, I got £900 and was officially 4th, though with the blinds at 10/20k with 900,000 chips in play, there wasn't much between most of the stacks.

Played a very strong but solid game early on and went into the first break with 17k (5 + 5k double chance). It was also a very silent game as my face was hurting too much to speak after a solid hour at the dentist earlier, having an abcess drained. Didn't have to show a card once in the first hour bizarrely - I wasn't getting many hands but took every opportunity to raise into an unopened pot if I was in late position, after which the continuation bet on the flop worked every time. It was a very soft table which made it easier - no resistance!

After the break the blinds shot up and I lost a pot with qq to kq - standard stuff, till I found myself with 11k, well under average. Pushed with 99 after 2 limpers, called by SB with AK, he missed I doubled up to average, then this happened. Blinds 1.5/3k : UTG limped (calling station: limped with anything from 22 to ak, no fold whatever the raise, and no fold with a rage ace or overcards on a rag flop either) Next to act limped (weak, I put him on hoping to see a flop for cheap) then the next guy raised up to 11k. At this stage with the blinds there's now 21.5k in the pot already I look down and find AQ off.
Normally I fold this hand for obvious reasons, but I felt the raiser was trying to take down what was in the middle and thought I could push here with this hand, as he was a good enough player to believe he was behind, and even if he did call I was good with two overs (put him on small-med pair). I wasn't worried about UTG being strong as he was too much of a limper to be a threat even in that position. I pushed and UTG insta called, 2nd to act insta folded lol and the raiser sat on for ever then said I must be behind, fold. UTG had AJ, which I was happy to see, he didn't hit, I won. Turned out raiser had 88 and would have hit a set lol - unlucky.

Normal game resumed, eventually got to final table where they wanted to do a 9 handed deal immediately, for 600 each. I said no, which may sound a bit mad considering 9th place was £110 and it didn't really improve until 3rd place (about 600 I think) but there were 3 short stacks there and I'd worked hard to not be one of them - opinions welcome here?
Anyway, I took out each of the short stacks :) to improve my stack immensely then offered a deal - £800 each play on remaining 5 for the last £600 - which they all accepted. Blinds got silly then it went to a chip count - final result was 5th got 800, 4th to 2nd got £900 and the chip leader £1100. Better days.
Stopped at Tesco on way home and bought loads of Halloween donuts which we ate in bed. What a result :)

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  1. Think you were absolutely right not to do an equal chop when 9 of you paid and 3 short stacks - by all means a percentage chop if you're all prepared to cream some off the top but it makes no sense at all to do it equally with so many of you left. Nicely done hun and thanks for your play on Cats v Hounds - Malcolm said you played a stormer xx