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Sunday, September 26, 2010

New plan of action required

okay i bounce through satellites like Tigger on crack, never failing to get a seat if i put my mind to it. BUT come the event I win a seat for I play more like Eeyore, and that's on a good day.

Prime example yesterday, the Liverpool Circus £250, 10k starting stack with 40 minute clock - loads of time, loads of chips.. Now no excuses - well maybe only a little - but it's not been the best week for obvious reasons and i was dreading going to the circus, which is my local, after the ex having got in there before me, plus the delightful shite all over the internet last week from him.

Normally I would happily go to poker by myself - much easier when you're first out :) - but my she-balls seemed temporarily lodged in my throat making it difficult to speak or eat. i'm not the kind of person who finds it easy to ask anyone for help, especially emotional support, but i figured it was time to ask someone to come with me as I just couldn't do it. so i fired off an email (verbal contact not possible due to the gonad throat condition) to two girls who I count as good poker buddies, both of whom i trust completely and both of whom knew a little of what had been going on before the ex imploded last week. Both of them stepped straight up the mark for which i thank them both as it was a hell of relief when they didn't tell me they were busy washing their hair.

Cut a long story short, a group of us all headed in together which was i think the only way I could have walked in there. Walked straight into Paul Action Jack Jackson who proceeded to tell me a delightful tale about a pot of cottage cheese and a woman he didn't like very much. And he didn't seem to know about the week of shame - this made me realise two things, one, that despite global coverage not everyone knew what had happened, and two, never leave any food in Paul's fridge.

Anyway sat down to my big stack, folded away for a while while congratulating myself on my nit status, and then found Jacks in the small blind, and proceeded to play them like a twat. Andy Booth had raised 2.5 BB in early position and had a call from the cut off who I ddn't know. I decided to raise again out of position as i figured i was ahead of andy, who i know quite well, so once he folded, the other guy wouldn't call. Andy DID fold so I got that bit right, but cut off called, flop comes down K 10 5, so i'm out of position with jacks on a k hi board. I wanted to bet but cut-off looked interested in the flop and in his chips so I checked to see what he did. He bet 600 into a 1200 pot so after a little think I raised his 600 to 1800, he calls but looks unhappy, turn is an ace which i'm not loving but bet out hoping to represent AK, he calls, river blank i bet again and he sits forever, looks so close to folding and then calls of course, with ace 10. i have 3k left - which is still 30 bb of course - and a raging urge to smash someone in the face. Preferably myself.

Michelle (Bricknell)still going strong so i sat down on cash where nothing much was really happening, but was heartened by a guy from Blackpool making a point of telling me that no one believed what the ex had posted, and it was all a bit playground styley which did make me feel a lot better. Had something to eat with Rick Doublebubble gilby, CCTV, and others and then moved back to cash where i exited about 150 up in the end. Down point of the day, apart from being shit at tournament poker, was the ex sending me yet another shitty text, plus knowing my car was parked somewhere nearby and I wasn't driving it home. High points of the day were finding out who your friends are, plus something else that isn't for publication - it made me smile anyway, real smiles rather than "look at me I'm really smiling" smiles :)

So the next comp i've satellited into is the big one over in Dublin in october - think i may need to attempt to learn something before that or it's just a waste of a seat. Have decided to grind out a few cash games between now and then, manchester and possibly broadway, where i can concentrate on boosting the bank roll between now and then. Possibly being lucky isn't as long term lucrative as being good lol.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

both sides?

Someone I hardly know contacted me to say they understand both sides of the story.. I'm not sure how, as my side hasn't been documented anywhere, by choice.

My ex posted a malicious thread on Blonde poker, AWOP and his blog on Saturday 18th. The post was made up of a great deal of half truths, which made it a very entertaining read for many I believe. However, while there was a lot of things missed out (these points I guess would be my side) and there were a couple of complete lies, his post wasn't and isn't my biggest priority right now.

On Friday 17th I had to go to the police with regards to problems between myself and my ex. He then ran away, as he has done on many occasions before, and took my car, as his was again in the garage where it has been on and off since he bought it. He also took a relatively small sum of money from the pub takings. This has also happened before.

Once he confirmed I was at DTD playing the £300 he then put the thread up to deliberately discredit me and embarass me with maximum exposure, knowing I was sitting with a couple of hundred people who would all be checking updates on Blonde. A few good friends informed me of it immediately and also asked for it to be taken off AWOP. Rob Yong told Blonde to remove it. Blonde poker's representative did ask me if i wanted "right to reply" before it was removed, but as I hadnt actually read it and assumed it was simply a rant, I decided under the circumstances it would only make things worse, bearing in mind the circumstances leading up to him leaving.

I've now read the post and it is worse than I imagined, but knowing him as well as I do, it doesn't surprise me, it just upsets me that something can go so bad, and that someone you loved and supported in every way, including financially, for nearly four years, can be so vindictive.

Luckily, my family and a small circle of friends knew some or all of what has been going on between us for quite some time. I had also consulted a doctor, and my solicitor in the weeks leading up to last weekend's events which obviously will be a help if this ends up in court.

There is a warrant out for his arrest, this is true. The car is also reported as TWOC and if he is stopped in it he will probably be arrested for that as well. These two things were live on Friday and don't relate to his post on Saturday, but obviously since his posts, and his subsequent calls, I will also be seeking a restraining order through my solicitor, as the police have advised me it will take longer to go through the courts. (Obviously the wheels were already turning on this on Friday but it may take up to 3 months doing it that way)

None of this is by choice. There is so much more I would like to post up here but at this moment in time it wouldn't be beneficial in any way to me. And in time, it won't be beneficial to anyone - what will it achieve telling the truth? The few poker people who matter to me already know the truth. My family know the truth. There are many other poker "buddies" out there who don't have a clue and if they choose to judge me based on my ex's desperate attempt to paint himself as a victim then I know they're not people I would waste a second of my day on.

I didn't want to have to reply at all, as it means my ex will then reply - at what point does it stop? I abhor hanging my dirty washing out in public as my friends know - my ex knows this most of all, which is exactly why he did it. So I've kept this as brief as possible and don't really see me discussing it in depth publicly again.Who gives a shit anyway? Normal people will read it shrug and move on. The haters will feed off it for a while, but they never need an excuse anyway.

Onward and upward.

Friday, September 17, 2010

always the bridesmaid....

still running well in satellites. won a seat in the Liverpool 250 next weekend, the 3000 euros package over to the open in Dublin next month and last night managed to get a seat for DTD's deepstack 300 on saturday. Would be nice to actually cash in one of them for a change.

Hadn't actually planned travelling to nottingham so don't even know why i played the sat really but i got fairly well chipped up from the beginning and never really stopped from there. was talking absolute shit as usual, so much so that the whole table pretty much put me on mute. That was a personal first. One player called Maddybird took it all a bit to heart and kept attempting to make " cutting remarks" lol. She then called me a donkey.. wounded. next hand she pushed the ridiculous short stack she had been nursing for 4 hours into the middle with tt, i snapped her hand off with aq and bye bye maddybird. I then typed in - you've just been taken out by a donkey - wp. She had a mostly unintelligible rant about i'd never make it blah blah, dunno if she meant to the final table, to DTD or on the stage, but either way who gives a toss?

Only been to DTD 2 times before and love the place. Have to admit I'm slightly concerned i won't play my best game, no piss take here, the past 6 weeks in the pub have been so bad that if it doesn't turn round soon Ill be out of here, so a cash injection is sorely needed. N ow when you know you actually need to win, rather than just playing for fun with an added bonus if you do cash, it's a completely different game, for me anyway. I was talking to a poker buddy who used to have a bar and he said he hated that he was always topping up the bar with his poker winnings but sometimes needs must. I try to keep my poker money completely separate from work but if you need to buy beer or the gas bill lands on your doorstep and there's no cash in the bank, what do you do.

last time i went to DTD i was on a table with simon trumper who was absolutely gobsmacked at my mouth running off as usual. He actually said to me, I had no idea you were like this. I don't think he meant it as a compliment.
A few guys were watching the table, i ended up including them in the fun and afterwards one of them invited me to come and play on the cash table they were on, which I did. We were having a laugh and so when a valet came over i offered this guy a drink. I wasn't at all embarassed to find out it was actually Rob Yong who owned the place, and all the drinks were free on that table anyway :(

If you're at DTD this weekend come and say hi. If you can't see me, just listen out for me instead and follow the noise.

Monday, September 06, 2010

running good all the way to the Emerald Isles

Had a very good run poker wise of late, despite personal life being complete opposite. Maybe that's how it has to be - to be able to concentrate on the game do you need to be single? When my partner and I split for about the fourth time early this year he went off to Walsall and managed to win the GUKPT main event, we got back together - nada since.

I digress. I try to stay off internet poker as it is only ever used by me as an outlet for external frustrations and adding the fact you've just done 2k in playing games you are no good at doesn't usually help matters when you're stressed.

But.. in the past two weeks I've actually managed to not only cash but to do it quite regularly! Around 8 final tables in a fortnight plus a package to the Irish Winter Festival in October, which is what I'm most happy about. I also won a satellite at the Liverpool Circus to the £250 game at the end of this month and have had some joy at the live cash as well - at this rate the new plate on the car may well have to be changed. At the moment it reads "T1LT X" :)

Malcolm Harwood aka The Rock from RPO has railed me practically every final table so I was pleased to be able to attend the Betfred Ladies Tour on Saturday up at the Broadway casino in Brum to show a bit of support back. I used to huff and puff about the standard of play, back when I thought I was a lot better than I actually was, but now, although the play hasn't changed, I'm aware that if I want to prove anything, I should be able to play anybody, however good or bad they are. One thing though, it's still the same 6k starting stack that it was 3 years ago, but tournament poker has changed immensely in those 3 years and the starting stack should reflect that. £100 FO are ten a penny, so to speak nowadays so i think Malcolm needs a better structure and stack to tempt in the many ladies who play poker regularly, rather than the Valium Vacuous and lipstick lesbians who currently make up the field.

Played well - ish - and got back from 1k up to 13k and donked it all off one hand after the break when I shoved with a flush draw and missed. The most upsetting thing was seeing on the updates I shoved with AQ on a 5 high flop; get the facts right girls it was q4 of hearts on a two heart flop lol.

On the cash table I met dave Colclough, or rather he met me ;) as i chatted shit for Britain. At one point he min raised, I reraised and he shoved, I passed he then showed me.. a duece.
next hand I find 99, he gay raises again, I reraise he shoves I snap call. I've no idea if I'm ahead and we're both doing a bit of a Mexican stand off with neither one of us willing to declare our hand, in case the other one is better lol. The dealer starts to deal the flop and the first card out is a nine. As the dealer puts it down Dave says "I have Jacks" I'm laughing my head off as I say I have a set of 9s, and flip them over, Dave groans and flips his jacks over, just as the dealer turns the third card and yes it's a jack. Guess who's laughing now? To add insult to injury, he asks if he can get me a drink, as after all, I'm paying for it........ Shafted myself for a further few hundred on the OH table and then swapped back to Texas and ground some cash back.

Stayed overnight with Fran Creed then popped over to Stoke with Lynne Beaumont and Michelle Bricknell, two of my favourite ladies in poker, to play the £100 FO which was a good day out. Stayed on for cash and got a fair bit from the Texas table then moved later to DC where i managed to pull a Bruce Lee and a 5 paduki and got paid, so that took me back up from where I started on saturday morning.

Got a fair bit going on otherwise so probably not much poker until this £250 at Liverpool, although I am popping out tomorrow night to a private DC game which hopefully will top me up a little more.