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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cash result

Yesterday was pretty much a freeroll as I'd won the seat online for a tenner, but I still wasn't happy going home empty handed as such so decided to play a little cash.

I tend to play according to the table when I play cash, particulat somewhere new), with Liverpool being the one exception - another story another day.

So after pulling up at the £100 min sitdown, 2/5 blinds I watched for a while and waited patiently till I had a vague idea what was going on whch didn't take too long. It was a feeder table for the main cash game and was a great mix of mainly absolute rocks playing only top ten starting hands, with one complete loon calling station plus a couple of young internet boys. Found a pr of queens which doubled me up from the loon. He called my 4xbb raise with 68 flop came J 6 8, I bet the pot which left me with about £40 quid, he reraised me which I wasn't passing for £40. His 68 was left behind when a J came on turn to give me higher 2 pr. Lost half my stack with JJ to KK, then slowly worked my way up to about £600 (from £100). Then they moved me to the feeder table where I managed to lose nearly £400 with jacks to qq (very very bad read on my part - no shit sherlock) which dented my stack and my confidence. Anyway I recharged the confidence with a fag then went on to rebuild the stack to £720 with a combination of outplaying an internet boy who was scared shitless by me, river betting a calling station every time I thought he'd missed his draw so he'd fold, plus one humongously good call and one horrendously bad outdraw lol.

Too tired to drive home so we grabbed a room in the Quality Hotel round the corner for 4 hours sleep before they kicked us out at 10am for the 2 hr drive back to southport. Nothng worse than not being able to clean your teeth after a night of coffee, brandy and fags IMO.

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