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Saturday, November 01, 2008

The poor workman blames his tools...

We have a dog. In the words of Supertramp not much of a dog but the only one I've got, only I would happily become a pet free household at this moment in time.

You see, this dog came from a rescue centre, and is the most loving and loyal mongrel ever, with just one major vice. She barks. She barks when someone walks past the house, she barks if you bang a door inside the house, she barks at leaves falling off trees three miles away.

Even more annoyingly, when you tell her to stop barking, usually with a well aimed foot, she continues to growl under her breath, while looking at you from the corner of her eye - the minute you break eye contact - she barks again.

She quietens down at night, mainly I think because her vocal cords are done in from a full day of barking, but of course last night was Halloween, that commercial holiday where snot nosed kids bang on your door looking for hard drugs and money. (I count myself lucky I'm not closer to town where that happens on a daily basis)

Anyway last night we'd done all of our Halloween stuff and the sprog had trotted off with her mate to a party, giving me a couple of hours to play poker. I sat down with the best of intentions, only I made the mistake of not killing the dog before I started.

She sat under my chair barking, whining and growling non-stop as hordes of kids knocked on the front door in close succession. I actually believe they were the same kids all the time who thought it would be funny to hear the mad lady swear again as she falls over the dog trying to get to the front door.

My game was non existent. In fact it was worse than that. So if you were on my table last night - in any of the many games I went out of first - all I can say is.. It wasn't me right?!

Just Bonfire night to get through now...

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