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Thursday, October 09, 2008

the downside of fame...

O dear. You start a blog for fun, you're happily typing away in your own inimitable fashion, laughing at your own jokes (I do that a lot - so much so I even joined a group on Facebook called I laugh at my own jokes), and you easily forget that other people can read your rubbish. Lots of people.

I only started it as I felt left out! The fella had one (it's shite don't bother ) plus loads of the guys I play online with were all blogstalking some poor unfortunate Mike Lotte so I thought I'd join in the fun.

So I'm tilting badly in a MTT so decide to stay out the action by playing an Omaha $5 HU on the side. Minding my own business, staying out of trouble till the other player mentions my blog. While he didn't say anything derogatory (that means bad for the uneducated out there) just saying he was reading it was enough to help me give him my chips in about three hands.

Even though I chose to write a blog, playing someone who can read it and therefore knows me by proxy, while I don't even know my opposition's location, is more than a bit wierd. So there's the answer to anyone who wants my chips - mention this blog for a free double up :)


  1. No e on the end of Lott!

    It's quite amusing how sad some people can be lol.

  2. "still shocked"

    I said - me???? :(