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Friday, October 24, 2008

Ho ho ho?

ok we're here in Dublin for the Paddy Power Irish Festival in a really plush old fashioned hotel full of golfers and poker players, everyone here for the craic and some people obviously here for the crack as well, as I've been propositioned twice.

Not chatted up I hasten to add - oh no. Nothing as flowery and romantic as that, just two simple propositions where I took the gist to be I would exchange my bodily fluids for cash.

I'm wearing jeans ffs although I have also got the FM long black boots on which may have given out the wrong message, but tell me, how do you go outside for a fag at 3 o clock in the afternoon and get a middle aged fella shooting straight over to ask if I'm working?

The boyfriend found it quite amusing until the second guy (also middle aged - I am coming to accept i'm a limited market at my age) patted his chair as I walked past and asked me if I cared to join him and his friends. While pushing his room key across the table.

Bear with me here, the bar is filled with men - golfers, poker players and buisness men - and the only other two women in there are two prostitutes. Of that there is no doubt. So I can see the natural progression of thinking here, as men think with their dicks on most occasions. However, matters weren't helped in the least when I sat back down and one of the hookers came over to tell me I was stunning (yeah yeah I know, obviously on drugs) and that I was apparently sitting on a goldmine.

So once she had bounced over it has cemented it into guys' heads that we are bosom buddies and presumeably they all now think i'm here for their crack as long as the price is right. The BF is meant to be going to the guiness taphouse tonight for a welcome party, while I play the Super Satellite, so when he comes back I will either have won a seat for the main event, or have earned enough to buy everyone in. We shall see. :)

Hotel is lovely, I will try and take a few pictures (if I can get off my back for long enough) and post them (If I can learn how to do that).

PS: Big big up boyakasha to Betfred who have paid me into the E500 side event on Monday, on the condition I write an article on the weekend. I'm really buzzing of that as we're fully paid up til Tuesday courtesy of Ipoker/Betfred with the BF paid in for the main event, and me paid in for the biggest side event. And now the distinct possibility of earning a wedge off some fat golfers. Happy Days :( more to follow.... depending on how much I drink :)


  1. Nice 1 from Betfred hun. If you go out early you can always get your bankroll up by flirting with the golfers lol. Sounds like you're having a great time. Keep us updated.


  2. Hi, Nice meeting you in the bar hic, decided to leave on Sunday at last minute so apologies for no farewells, good luck today.
    PS Get Colin a Guinness

  3. managed to scrape into the money, 15th place, they were paying to 26, will update later on here but played cash till 6am so very tired lol.
    Dewi, colin is now barred from going near Guinness, as well as whisky chasers :)