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Friday, October 03, 2008

things that come round to bite you on the bum

What a week! I spouted off here about my inability to play women only games and why I won't play them... Thursday I had a call from Malcolm "The Rock" Harwood with a very interesting offer which I was genuinely gutted to have to turn down.

Mad Marty Wilson had contacted Malcolm to offer me a seat in the Party Poker Womens Open, with $1000 of the $3000 entry fee paid for by Party Poker! For a fish like me this was brilliant news but on reflection it wasn't going to happen - as much as me and the other half live for poker we have to work to live as well, and as we only work weekends (it's a hard life lol) it was too difficult to get cover for this weekend, as we would need to be in London for Sunday and Monday.

I don't think London's ready for me yet anyway. I was born there but we moved up north when I was at school (circa pre-war era) and I think my sense of humour developed too fast for the southerners to keep up, with them being a bit slow and all that down there in the sticks.

Even though I knew I couldn't realistically play I was a bit down in the dumps yesterday as it was a first time offer for me for some serious sponsorship, so I decided to tilt off a little cash on my favourite site Betfred. I tend to always enter the satellites for the Betfred Ladies Poker Tour, only with the aim of making up numbers and generally upsetting the other players on there by heckling their every move, only to be the first player out when a spectacular bluff goes completely tits up.

I'm not sure how it happened - I must have had my chat off - but I won the seat in the Birmingham leg next Saturday. I need to seriously go over my game and find the leak in my play that allowed this to happen.

So I'm off to play with the girls next week, although I use the term "girls" lightly - have you seen some of them? There's a whole lotta facial hair going on and far too many unisex clothes. The problem with poker shirts is deciding if the wearer is male or female sometimes. (This is obviously why I wear short skirts - the lack of breasts means I have to point it out to them somehow.)

So it's not been a bad week. The other half won a $4500 package to the Paddy Power Irish Winter festival this week as well, and he's taking me along as his guest. Not that there was an option for him there.

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