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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's a step in the right direction

Okay so I said satellites online and live cash in my comfort zone boundaries.. Off to a good start, although it has only been three days...

Monday night I remembered i had won a freeroll on Poker TGF (Karl Mahahahahalaharotenfloz's site) for  £25 satellite to the DTD £300. However I had forgotten I was also meant to be working. I emailed Karl (he is listed as poker support on my email, poor guy) but couldn't transfer it to next week so decided I would take the laptop and try to play it if the bar was quiet.

Got off to a flying start in every way as i opened my car door, slipped on the ice and fell flat on my back, half under my own car, laptop upside down in the snow. I was more bothered about the pc which turned out to be fine, which was more than i can say for my left leg which has a bruise the whole length of my shin where i must have smacked it on the underneath of the car.

Anyway eventually got to play tourny as town was dead. We actually shut before the satellite finished, which left me sat in the window of a freezing cold empty town centre bar, with randoms walking past occasionally and banging on the window shouting Billy No Mates at me.

Two seats up for grabs, ended up with three of us, a guy I didn't know who kept sitting out and Tim White, a student who has "Possibly the worst poker player ever" listed as his job on facebook. Pissed it obviously :)

So I'm off to DTD on January 8th for the £300 with Michelle Bricknell, meeting a few others there and having a laugh and hopefully a bit a result to start the new year in nicely. I am the eternal optimist if nothin else.

Popped up to Manchester G again last night for the £50 freezeout, a comp that gets busier every week: 161 runners last night, which considering Bolton had their 3 day festival on, is pretty good. I felt I played quite well: I knew after the fourth level it turns into a bit of a crapshoot so was determined to get some chips to be able to defend/play. Had 46k when the average was 23k and found Jacks in early position in an unraised pot. Raised just over 2.5 bb (blinds 600/1200) and short stack next to me shoved for about 11k total, called and he turns over AJ, one live card that of course comes on turn. Could live with that, shit happens, very next hand UTG find QQ.. same raise, shove by under average player (not just his chips, i'm referring to his ability) has about 12k total, i don't feel I'm behind for a second and he shows me ace 10 off, which of course matches the ace that comes on the river.

He was made up with himself which led me ask "What did you think you were beating with ace 10?" to which his reply was "what do you mean? I don't have to be beating anything - I had an ace."

The table broke at the same time as my spirit which was a relief as I think if i couldnt have made him cry verbally I definitely would have kicked him in the bollocks.

Got it all in later with 99 to suck out against aces which made me feel better - guilty but better - then committed myself with AQ and had to call against AK with the few chips I had left. No river joy for me and i was out in 40th place.

The two lads i had come with were playing cash at at £25 sit down table. I'd deliberately not brought much money with me as I didn't want the opportunity to play cash colour my judgement in the tourny as it usually does, but I decided to sit down with £25. The table vibes were poor and there wasnt any money on there as it had just opened, so i moved to a £50 table 1/1 blinds with £29. Cheeky I know, but that's how I roll ;)

Two hours later I cashed in £480, which although not my best cashout at the G, certainly the best in terms of initial starting stakes.

Freaky stuff on the home front - went out this morning to pick up any little presents that my dog may have left in the garden and found the small shovel i use for this job has disappeared. It was there yesterday in the usual place but is now nowhere to be seen. On top of that, one of urns that had flowers in from dad's funeral has been smashed as well. The back garden is pretty secure, you would physically have to climb a five foot wall to get in and the house wasn't broken into but I'm a little freaked out that someone maybe had a nosy around, particularly as I had told over a thousand people i was off to Manchester by the medium of inyourfacebook.

Working all weekend with the New Year festivities so probably wont be playihng out much now til DTD the weekend after, apart from the Vegas League game on Monday night, and any more satellites that grab my attention.

Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true in 2011

Sunday, December 26, 2010

An epiphany just before Epiphany. Bah Humbug.

Christmas was unique for me this year for many reasons, mostly centering around it being the first one without my dad, well actually the first one without anyone at all.

Back in May my mum and I clubbed together to buy Dad flights to Melbourne just before Xmas, and my brother (who lives over there ) got him tickets for the Ashes. He was so excited and happy I can safely say it was his best ever birthday, which considering it was his last goes some short way in making things better.

Anyway he ended up fast tracking himself into the clouds instead of waiting for Singapore Airlines so a few months later Mum is persuaded to go over to oz herself for Xmas. By this stage she was beyond a mess, she's probably had it the hardest as on top of losing her husband and whipping boy of 40 odd years, she then had to cope with the stunts my ex decided to pull, and i think if the doctor hadn't finally got her onto prozac she may have just gone over the edge. My brother suggested my daughter go over with her, which naturally she jumped at the chance of four weeks in the sun instead of the snow, so with my work commitments and various menagerie I was left Home Alone.

Initially I thought I would be working in the pub, but after I couldn't get the rent deal I wanted with Enterprise I gave my notice, which thanks to my solicitor, ended up as a very good deal for me. Probably the only good thing that has actually happened in six months so I reckon by law of averages i must be due a break shortly!

Obviously I had to work out my notice period so starting looking around for what to do next. Briefly considered playing poker, then put down the crackpipe. Then an opportunity came up where i was offered a full partnership in a bar back in my home town, which is only just starting now, so hopefully that will be my 2011.

Anyway, inbetween leaving the pub and moving to new place, I'm staying at my mums, which I now know was probably the worst place I could have been, as all over the festive period I get to be by myself surrounded by photos and reminders of my Dad. It's been emotional, as they say.

Now, when I plan to go out to play poker I know I'm going to have a great time. I appreciate the better the time I have, the worse for the other players on the table, but hey, life's a bitch and so am I. But Britain being covered in snow put the stoppers on that - where I am is one of the worst hit areas, bizarre because we never even see snow - so I have been pretty much tied to the house.

When the ex was on one I used to end up donking off all my money online as it was a release and it was horrible to realise I'd been doing it again, horrible because I don't want to play like that anymore, and horrible as I realised and finally faced up to just how shit the past few months have been and how unhappy I am. Realistically, the only time I play relatively well is in online satellites (I have no idea why) plus online games where I know other players, like the league game I'm in, and live £1/£2 Texas cash games, but only if I have my full concentration head on.

Faced with that knowledge, and backed up by stats, I'm going to have some sort of back up plan in place for when I try and take a seat on any Omaha table, or any online MTT that isnt a satellite or a freeroll. Other than getting a carer or a strait jacket I reckon the best idea is to stick it on here so I can reread it to remind myself next time I go to hit the deposit button.

Incidentally, when we packed up everything in the pub, I found the ex's GUKPT trophy behind the bar. Despite everything that has gone one, I didn't feel i could throw it away as it's probably his greatest achievement in his life and ultimately, whatever I feel about him, it's wasn't mine to chuck away. The two mates who were helping me pack both knew him and one of them suggested giving it to a mutual acquaintance who goes to his local casino each week.

I forgot all  about it until i found out that when she gave it to him (subtly, in front of only about the whole packed cardroom) he then sat her down and apparently told her "the full story". Apparently the story has now changed and not only did i spend all of the money each week from the pub takings, but apparently I also spent all of his winnings. Fuck me i would LOVE to have spent his winnings! £57K, I could have had a ball! Unfortunately, as we were on and off for the whole time after he won Walsall until we split, I never got the chance to get my grasping fists on any of it, mainly because he wasn't living with me, as everyone who knows us knew about and by the time he came back, coincidentally as I opened the new pub, he had already done it all in all by himself, mainly from two visits to DTD where he wanted to play the bigboys and got his ass spanked, and online playing cash and WSOP satellites. That's why he had to sell his 21k motorhome for 16k two months after buying it. GG 57K.

I've never been a bitter person, I'm very much one for dusting myself down and getting straight back on with life, but to find out four months later he's still playing the victim to strangers is a killer, when I know who the real victim was for four years. I can't lose any more sleep or keep making myself ill thinking about this: as I enter the New Year I'm not prepared to have this over me like some massive albatross. Friends and family have told me to rise above it but my levitation skills are wearing very thin. I'm getting to a stage where I'm close to telling strangers exactly what really happened, but then I remember the things that went on that were so personal and I know I'm not going to do it. Pride's about all I have right now and I'll be fucked if i let some twisted midget rip that out of me now like he did for so long while we were together.

Deep breath.

On the up side - I knew there would be one somewhere - I have tenatively made some new friendships over the past few months, with people I think will turn out to be good friends. I am trying to be a better friend to people already in my life, although this past week I have mainly been not answering my phone. facebook is a funny thing, obviously most people on my friend's list are acquintances and poker buddys that I don't really know, but have had a few chats with relative strangers that go a long way to keeping your head straight. There's a guy there who lost a child this year, I've only met him once, but when I'm feeling low I remind myself what he's been through and how he seems to be coping and it somehow puts it into perspective. Another couple of people I only knew to swap hellos with have chatted a bit in depth on there, and again, what theyve been through puts me to shame for being sad. 

Is it easier because it's not face to face? For me it is, for sure, I'm great at dealing with mate's emotions and bad times, but when it comes to my own I just want to be by myself.

Staying on topic but veering to the left, I think I'm the target of a prop bet with some 3rd generation players... but if I'm not, then I apologise to the young (very very young) man involved. :)

I'm braving the ice today to drive to Manchester to meet a couple of mates, Ravy Singh and jay herbert, to play the £100 FO. I only really got to know Jason in Ireland this year and IMO he's a good guy. He involved me as part of a group when I was alone, having just split with ex, and made me feel part of it all, without in any way making me feel uncomfortable. His mate ravy and me have had a few fun pots on the cash table together, which has resulted in him no longer wanting to sit down at my table lol. Can't remember if put on here already but i think the best result was a pot for a few hundred pound that was won at showdown by me with 10 high.

Looking forward to what will hopefully be a good night out, to chase all of the Xmas blues away.

Merry Christmas x

Friday, December 17, 2010

catch up time

Haven't posted for ages, mainly because i had a major case of CBA. So much going on elsewhere, so little time!

I could run over the poker related stuff from the past few months but largely still suffering from CBA, so won't go into detail.

News In Brief...

Won package to IWF, won large amount of cash on first day there which paid for entry to all side events but didn't place any of them. No shocks there. Couple of interesting interludes included being fraped by 2 and a half men ( the half was paul jackson's lad, ben) and potential child abuse by me to a very young French man. He spoke no English, I spoke no French, we got on great.

Won satellite to Palm Beach 1k game in London Mayfair hotel, got a lift of Paul jackson there and back and bubbled a saver for £1500, food and drink was free, total profit £1500. I need more nights like this.

Was sponsored into the Genting Player's Championships at Star City by BankRoll Supply, stuck the BRS badge on my front lady garden for my own entertainment, waiting for stubble to stop scratching. Again, no result there (other than the free Brazillian NB nothing to do with above frenchman)

What else? Oh yeah, doing okay in Monday night Vegas league, our team - the Knit Squad - been in the top 10 all the way and mostly in the top five 10 weeks played 6 to go. A couple of weeks back i had an email from Genting's gary Oakes telling me i was third individually in the league, but guess what? yep, no cash for that either :(

Off topic but amused me highly - played a side event at Blackpool GUKPT, was at bar when Jake Cody - won some big game somewhere - approached me and said "are you caroline Cove". I found this vaguely ironic as surely it should have been the other was around, but it turned out he had heard about Marc railtard Wright calling me a transvestite, which resulted in a few choice words on FB and me offering to stick my cock up his ass, balls deep. Cody liked that. Of course, I then stuck on my status that Cody had approached me and said he'd like to bash the Granny out of me or similar.. Cue Cody on chat - turned out he'd had a few drinks and was worried he might have actually said it!

Now, back to my favourite topic - moaning about other people.

Played at Manchester G last night, as I do regularly. they start cash games around 4pm every day and they often prove pretty good value. When I sat down there was an empty chair next to me with all the chips piled up so I asked who was sat there. On of the regs said "a very lucky lady" while his face said "fishing calling station twat". Turns out I read that completely right...

She sits down and proceeds to limp into every pot. Any raise, regardless of position or the amount, she calls. She folded to ONE raise only, when she was in the SB and a reg raised, folded round to her and she folded 99 face up as she said there was no value there. However, she called all other raises despite lack of value, so I can only assume she is either a. doing him or b. wants to do him.

So a reg, Matt, on my left gets into a pot with her. he has 2 pr, she has a 6 high flush (she can't miss a hand obv). She plays it in her normal style of no-nonsense check calling all the way, with a long pause on river before finally calling while sighing. Matt declares 2 pr and turns his AQ over. She nods at him, as if he's good then says" I've only got a small flush." Now in circumstances like these I think the dealer should be entitled to say " a small flush? oh well then that's no good, 8 or better flushes accepted only, sorry" and then muck her cards, giving her a paper cut on her thumb as he snatches them off her. It's only fair.

So onto my hand - as obviously I'm only setting the scene to vent my outrage at a hand involving me - i'm on the button and there's been a straddle for four quid. Three callers later and the pot is up to 19 pounds with the blinds, I shove on the button with £55. All i want is the 20 quid, I don't for a second think i'm getting a call from any of the limpers apart from her, but I'm assuming even she can't have anything she wants to call £55 with when she's only put £4 in so far.

Oh silly me.

She huffs and puffs for a bit, looking under the table for value and in her granny pants for inspiration, and finally utters the immortal words "Oh I know I'm behind but I'll call" and does so.

Flop A A J.. 2 7. I turn over kq and declare king high. She nods and says yes, good enough. Well fuck me.

Then she slowly turns over a King and says she had kicker problems.... just as the dealer is stacking up MY chips and sliding them over to me, she flips over a Jack. Then "realises" she has two pair - aces and jacks. How we laughed.

I left shortly afterwards as i was concerned i may bite her head.

I headed over to Bolton G where i made myself feel much better by winding some lad up so much I actually wanted to hit me myself. He was the usual resident pro, called everyone else's cards, usually after seeing them, told everyone how they couldnt have had a set as they wouldnt have played it like that, made bad calls simply cos he couldnt fold and then said they were hero calls, unless he lost in which case he couldnt get his cards in the muck quick enough so he could lie about what he had. You know the type.

Anyway, his word of the night was "polarised". After he said it for the fourth time I bit. The conversation went like this:

Me: So what does polarised mean then>
Pro: Erm well its when you have two hands that couldnt be more different.
M: Oh right so if i go home and look in my dictionary that's what it will say?
P: well, no it's probably not actually in the dictionery
M: so you just made it up?
P: no, it does mean that, its just not in the dictionery
M: so did you make it up?
P: No. I just
M: you just made it up?
P: no it means that if you have one hand..
M: ..on the dictionery? will i find it there/
P:it just means..
M: ..that you made it up?

and so it continued.. the dealer was crying laughing, the rest of the table were just bored wating for the dealer to start dealing again and the Pro was ready to slap me. If I'm honest, I was so annoying I really can't blame him, I was even annoying myself. Anyway we got into a hand shortly afterwards in the blinds, i caught two pr on the river and knew he would pay me off, little bit of betting and more chat from me, and the guy says "I'm making a hero call (he really did say that) as I don't think you have anything" and called, I slapped over my 2 pr and smiled at him really sweetly while he showed his pair of threes. No words were necessary.