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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Padraig Parkinson is a very bad man. A very very bad man indeed :)

What started as a sociable drink in the bar degenerated into a full on alcohol fest, loss of memory and a vomit trail around the hotel, followed the next morning by severe DTs, double vision and empty pockets. ( The drinks were free, it was the pissed up poker that cost dearly)

I decided to play the super sat for the main event on the Friday night (e150 rebuy) after consuming half my body weight in brandy (and I'm no sylph-like lightweight) while the BF decided to drink Guiness (as usual) with whisky chasers (unheard of) in the company of hardened bar props such as Dewi James and Padraig. He did his Weebles wobble impression but unlike the Weeble, did fall down - down the ladder of disgrace, but we're speaking again now :)

The next morning, after about 2 hours sleep, we walked slap bang into Padraig again at the bar, where he informed us Dewi didn't show up for the weigh-in at 9am (the what?) so the bet was forfeited. Having no idea what he was on about ( and I'm not sure he knew either) I took a hair of the dog with him, in the form of an Irish Coffee (when in Rome and all that), and carried on where we left off the previous evening.

None of this boded well for the BF's main event, which Padraig pointed out had lost its sense of sportsmanship due to most players no longer drinking before and through the tournament. Anyway, as I would hate to be accused of not being a good sport I lined up at the bar with the other old soaks, until I forgot what my name was and went for a sleep. (Not in our room, I just nodded off at the bar for a bit.)

Meanwhile The BF crashed out of the main event with a couple of unlucky beats culminating in his AK beaten by an eyeties K10 when the K10 hit a 10 high flush (all money in on flop).

Played cash later that night and managed to get back a small percentage of my losses from the night before, but still not healthy. In every way :)

PS: On the Sunday we were making our way to the poker room when we walked past Padraig and stopped to chat until realising from the blank look in his eye, he had absolutely no recollection of who we were!


  1. Honey if you'd watched some of the poker on tv lately you would know that Padraig is a lovely man with a great sense of humour and a capacity for alcohol that would put Oliver Reed to shame. In fact on my fantasy poker table - where I wouldn't actually be playing but sitting there listening to the fun - Padraig and Liam Flood are top of the list lol. Hope you recover well enough for this weekend. Chris xx

  2. Chris he was indeed a lovely man, I couldn't agree more, and as for his capacity for alcohol - wow!

    was also on Liam Flood's table for a while, met em all lol x