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Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is Carla. I'm partaking in nicotine at the Broadway, having been on her table all night at the Betfred Ladies Tour, and we're chatting about the game. She asks if I'm playing the eve comp there £30 DC, but tells me it's full of morons. "But," she says, " You'll be alright cos you're a moron as well."

I can't disagree with that.

The irony is she then went on to tell me how she was a rock, and how badly all the other women there played because they just limped all the time. The only problem I have with any of this conversation is her selective memory that allowed her to forget this hand:

Dawn Allen raises the second hand she's played all day. Carla has already limped in so calls the raise, along with two others. Flop rainbow, Q 8 3. Dawn bets the pot. Other two fold, Carla insta calls. Turn 9, 2 hearts now. Dawn bets Carla insta calls. River J, 3rd heart possibe flush there, Dawn checks, Carla bets half the pot, Dawn folds AQ. Gooo fold Dawn, as Carla has a straight with K10, which she proudly turns over. Dawn looks back the Q83 flop and looks at Carla who says , yeh I can't say why I called the bet on the flop, sometimes you just have that feeling it's gonna hit don't you?

C'mon Carla, come and sit over here with me in the moron corner. Loads of room for both you and your ego :)

So it was a good day. I paid somebody in to this comp - she knows who she is - and she seemed to have a good day from what I saw, so as far as I'm concerned that's money well spent. It's nice to win, but with a comp like this where there is a massive social side and a fantastic camaraderie, it is genuinely good fun for most of the women to simply take part. (yeah I know you won't hear any men saying that about a comp, but it's true.)

Full respect for Malcolm Harwood for tirelessly running round sorting this comp, he's constantly getting new venues on board for the following year and tells me there will be a heat in Spain next year. He's planning a 4 day mini trip over there, with a comp the night before for everyone, followed by the Ladies event and more. The satellites on Betfred will be more frequent and with a different buy-in structure (more varied) and I believe Betfred may be adding even more money to the prize pool, so worth having a look at if you are female.

Linda Blundell went on to win the comp yesterday and I'm made up with that as she is a top bird. She might have forgotten but when we were eating a very strange soggy pasta dish in the break together, she definitely said if she won she would give me it all. Now she may try and back out of this by pretending she was actually offering me her pasta, but I'm convinced she meant to say "If I win you can have my winnings" instead of " Jesus this is disgusting I wouldn't feed it to my dog. Would you like it?" Cheers Linda, PM me for my bank details. :)


  1. PMSL Hun - you are also a top bird. Sorry won't be there in London but have a great time - I'll be watching for updates in between only raising with Aces at the Stanley 100k in Birmingham. Chris

  2. Raising with aces? M8 I pass aces every time - anyone can win with aces lol
    good luck!
    off to spain then dublin but back for the western weekend - it doesn't get better than that. nice to meet u properly yesterday, ive signed up 4 CVH as well x

  3. Love your post and you were spot on about what happened on that hand by you know who.....