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Thursday, October 30, 2008

From Pro "high stakes" to RPO low stakes...

Everyone's a winner baby...

Played the $750 GTD Turbo rebuy on Ipoker last night, $3 rebuy, full of RPO players such as Stev1e and Morse99. Unheard of result in that I cashed in 2nd place for about $200 with only one rebuy and one addon. Was railbirded by a couple of players from the forum, which does go a long way, when you know your banter is being appreciated lol.

Off to Manchester G tonight for the £30 + £30 semi freeze out. I've only played this a couple of times but have cashed in it before, once a 4 way chop for around £800 so more of the same would be appreciated. However, I have just spent a painful hour at my dentist having an abcess drained so not sure I'm really in the right frame of mind to be playing poker. I'll give it a shot anyway - laters.


  1. Nice one again Caroline. My husband cashed in that a couple weeks ago in second place...it's a fun tourney if you're into turbos.
    Hope to see you saturday hun..i won my seat on sunday :)

  2. Thanks Carey, I read about his win on Rock, nice one. We're not going to make it to London after all as my daughter involved with the local Round Table bonfire, which is on Sat night. Hope to see you soon however x

  3. o and well done for the seat!!