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Monday, October 06, 2008

just like buses... they all come at once


Played the 10 seat gtd Ladies Super Satellite on Betfred last night and won a bloody seat again.

I really feel there must be something missing in my game that has allowed me to win 2 seats in a row in a women only comp, after me writing "I will not play Ladies only comps" in my own blood.
I've racked my brains and been over it again and again looking for the chink in my armour that caused this momentary blip, and think I've narrowed it down to two things.

Firstly, I adapted my game to play like the other women - when in Rome and all that. For instance, I limped with rag aces whenever there was a substantial raise from a solid player. If a flop came 227 I then called pot bets that clearly said "I have raised with a middle pair and you will fold now pls" Normally I would then represent the 2 or even a full house on the turn with a half pot bet screeaming pay me bitch, but I have learnt these bitches will indeed pay all the way, so I cleverly check called (sneaky hey?)and went on to ht the ace on the river. How we laughed when the initial raiser showed her KK.
I then limped with pp such as Jacks as I know if I raise they will tit for tat call with A2off, then bet small all the way as most women will see a small bet and think yes I can afford that, lets have a look at the next card. JJ always a winner against Ace high.

The second point is I had my chat off most of the time so I didn't get too carried away with trying to teach people to play, as this always proves my downfall when they prove they can play and I clearly can't. As most of my time wasn't taken up insulting other players I had to look for other things to keep me busy, such as actually watching the game.

Anyway, I won't be making the same mistake twice. I mean 3 times.

So I'm off to Brum this Saturday, then the Western on November 1st. That'll be a dear do as I can't see the other half being happy with watching me chat shit with 60 other middle agers, plus as I'll be first one out I'm bound to get re-buy happy or tilt on cash. We'll be staying over which worries me slightly as the last time I stopped in London I was barred from the Roadhouse and arrested: hopefully I can avoid anything similar this time. I suppose if I avoid the Roadhuse that's a good start.

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