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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

At least I'm consistent...

Played a little online on Sunday night, a SnG, 30 runners and came first, then a MTT $5 FO and cashed in that for the life changing amount of $35. I don't normally play freezeouts of thsi buy in range cos I'm not equipped with enough patience to cope with the outdraws. My PC isn't equipped with enough padding to deal with being thrown out of the window either. However, I was happy enough as I deliberately entered it to keep me solid after going out far too early in the last few tournys on-line, so something must have worked.

Monday I can gloss over in the way only a woman can. Yeh I played a little poker, yeah it was badly, yeah I lost. But today is Tuesday so Monday doesn't count. Right?

So back to today then - I entered the $10k gtd on Ipoker, $25 rebuy. Managed to battle past 163 runners to come 8th, for about $400. It's not mega bucks I know, certainly not enough to keep me in the style I'm not accustomed to, but the point is it's another final table, which tells me I must be doing something right. No horrific outdraws, either to me or from me tells me I played pretty solid. Off to Leos in Liverpool tonight for £30 DC if I can get round to finding something to wear. Sometimes it's hard to be a woman :)

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