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Saturday, November 01, 2008

The dog is locked in the cupboard

Redeemed myself playing the $3500 FO (6 seater) on Ipoker in the early hours and cashing. I was helped by Lippo81 (thank u whoever u are) who got so wound up by me he ended up giving me all of his chips for a nice double up that put me 3rd just before the money started lol. He is always a very busy player and if you reraise him a few times he ends up putting them all in as he thinks u havin him off. I wasn't, but he knows that now...

Thankfully got moved shortly afterwards and from then on kept my chat off so people didn't call me with shite through spite - my gob has cost me many a tourny this way. It helped that the dog was exhausted from barking herself hoarse at the local firework display so I had a bit of peace and quiet.

Really need to get some sleep soon as start job hunting tomorrow. The season has ended in Blackpool so we both now out of work. We've been lucky with the nice touches we've had here and there, on average we've been up about 4.5K every month since august, which for part timers isn't bad at all. However I'm not daft enough to assume it will continue like this so need to make sure there is a regular income to do those boring things like put food on the table.


  1. God, they call me with shite through spite as well.

    Truth must hurt, eh?

  2. You know it Rosie. You can even tell them your hand and they call behind assuming you're lying cos they do :)

  3. Thanks a lot for your words of support i really appreciate it.It's heartwarming when people you've never met leave comments like you did, it really increases my faith in human nature.


  4. Matt it's hard toknow what to say to you in your circumstances that doesnt sound patronising or useless, so i'm glad u understand there are ppl out there who want to let u know they're thinking of u. keep me updated with how you're doing.