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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


No not me - Bubs26bs who couldnt even be trusted to look after my chips. Bah!


  1. Hi there Caroline,

    I was on your table last night in the $12.5k Guarantee and said hello but you didnt hang around long enough to respond ;-)

    Hi to Colin and I Hope you are both ok and good luck in Blackpool, I hope you bang on that door loud and proud and take the cash home. I wont be going as I havent won a seat although I've probally spent over $600 trying to get one. My bankroll at the moment dictates that I have to stay at home and concentrate on on-line flings with ipoker and gala.

    Thanks for the offer of a bed, might even take you up on it in the near future once I get rock 'n' rolling.

    Good luck x

  2. "Thanks for the offer of a bed?"

    Does Colin know about this!

  3. Course he knows Mike - we use him in the middle as the contraceptive... :)

    Steve - I must have been so much on tilt I didn't even see you! spent a fortune last night on the worst tilt of my life, genuinely don't undertand why but I suppose I was so chuffed with having a free seat into that Grand Final tourny and have been pleased with my game so it just felt like a worse beat than it was :(
    Back to the drawing board lol playing in Liverpool circus tonight if u around Mike, mite c u there

  4. aha - just checked my history Steve. That'll be the game where I made the decision to play K10o in 1st position in the first hand of the tourny? Where I then hit a King put all my chips in after a reraise while saying to Col "he has aces obviously" And yes, obviously he did have aces and I was out. I won't even begin to tell you how many other games I played after that :(

    Good luck with building up your online bankroll and hopefully you'll get a last minute seat. (They r running sats as well on mon/tu/wed afternoon £20 rebuys) x