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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Momentary brain stew

Here's a good move: Work your way through over 100 players in a £30 Super satellite for the GUKPT's main event by playing solider than a very solid thing, wait till you down to the last few players before the seats kick in, wait once more till you double up your shortish stack, wait til your table breaks and you don't know how any of the players think, wait til someone raises 6 x the BB from early position on what does seem to be a tight table, and then - but only then - find the pathetic AQ off that you have already folded 3 times that day and suddenly imagine it to be the holy grail and decide (with no thought or game plan) to push all your 18BB in with it to watch the original raiser call with AK.

I left the casino shortly afterwards.

I don't know what possesed me, but the worst of it was the bad play I made and the shame factor that goes hand in hand with that. Even if I spiked a Q I would have been the table gimp as it was patently obvious - after the event - that the guy had AK. If I really wanted to play it at that stage I could have simply called to find out where I was but no, I couldn't do anything simple could I. There was a couple of players I know on the table and they were just looking at me as if to say "I thought your game had improved... but I was wrong..." I think I may have actually blushed, which hasn't happened since about 1972.

Decided to play a crappy FO at Leos Gala that night as wanted to be as far away from Blackpool as was possible: I'm driving past the Liver Birds building in the city centre when Andy Booth rang me for a freeroll password.(It was seaside for anyone that didn't have it - unlucky :)) and yeh I know I shouldn't have answered my phone but what can I say, I'm just a rebel. So busy talking to him I shot a red light by the new shopping centre so I'm guessing that's caught on camera. Is saying you didn't see it as you were on the phone a good defence?

Crashed out Leos, the BF came 2nd, but while I was waiting skipped over to the Circus, played 6 hands cash and made £800. I'm not saying it made it any better, but it allowed me to fan my hot flush away in style - with £50s.

Came home and went on updates on AWOP to see how everyone doing and found a picture of myself from the SS looking a little like a Russian Olympic shotputter (albeit with a blonde wig) which didn't really help with the whole blushing situation.

Ah well, back on Thursday for the side event. It can only get worse.


  1. Nice result on colin 's 2nd place.
    good thing picking up the £800 esp while on tilt, shame about the red light lets hope the papperazzi were not out in force. Tbh cash, we've all made donk calls and realised it afterwards when we've been bust out when we didnt need to get involved but it takes a good player to admit that it was a donk and put it right in future games. You aint that bad a player so stop beating your self up x

    Tell colin the spray seems to have worked as I aint heard nothing from the old bill yet!!!

  2. Cheers for that steve, i suppose i could have left the table thinking I made a good play - i guess if i know it wasn't I won't do it again. The cash game gave me a boost as I set out to play well and something must have gone right.

    Col says he'll get some of that spray for me if it works then! x

  3. You fish lol. Don't worry bout it babe - you did what you did and you recognise your mistake and still finished well above everyone else
    Most ppl would put it down to a bad beat and I don't reckon you'd find many ppl putting that hand down.
    Qualified for Betfred Ladies final in London tonight - happy to chat privately about that. Hope to be at the G on Saturday so maybe see you there


  4. well done Chris, that's genuinely superb result, take it down girl! Not sure if I'll be there Sat, but will seek u out if I am xx

  5. Oh well...at least you can admit it to yourself.
    Must be something in the air in Blackpool. Just posted on my blog about an even bigger donk call that I made online last night :-)

    Nothing new for me though.

  6. tx hun. I'm really looking forward to it and what will be will be lol. If I don't see you on the weekend will catch up with you soon - keep an eye on the forum for results and come and join us at the home game in January xxx