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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

girl flu

This little known strain of the flu virus is often overlooked by people discussing the many perils of man-flu - eg: not able to open his can of lager, inability to put the loo seat down and so on. This shit however is the real deal.

When us women get flu we soldier on looking after you guys, or even if single, we don't moan or take to our beds - we just get on with it. But this flu is definitely Type X, the really deadly strain where your head feels too large and heavy for your body, your legs don't work and there is constant streams of nasty stuff trickling out of your nose. However it has one positive effect amongst all of the side effects, and that is it gives you the ability to play 7 card stud with no outdraws. I don't know how that is, whether the people on the table feel sorry for you as you sniff away or whether they fold as they don't want to touch your contagious chips, or whether you are so stuffed up you can't even see the potential dangers. As much as I feel like shit, I'm hoping to still be ill tomorrow as I increased my sit down by 150% today.

Off topic (like flu is really on topic!) news on the job front - we have a new pub. We move in next Monday and start wednesday which is a bit fast but we'll do it somehow. It's in another town about 30 minutes from Southport (where we are now) so my daughter will stay at her school for now. The area we're moving to is nicknamed "Millionaires Row" and it's a seriously lush place, very affluent and of course full of pensioners, the latter being just like where we are now :).

It's a gastropub rather than a big drinking place but anyone who knows us is always welcome to drop in. Don't know how the poker will go on for the immediate future - we've been lucky enough to play an awful lot recently but as we'll be working silly hours it's less likely, and with Christmas a few weeks away we're gonna be really busy. It's open Xmas Day for food which is a new experience for me as I've always had Xmas at home, but it'll be fun and at least we're guaranteed a good dinner plus no taxi fares home once the after dinner Hennessy kicks in :)


  1. Is that out Formby way maybe? I used to have family living out there...beach was nice until the junkies took over lol!

  2. no, aughton - i grew up in Formby though, was a great place then but not the same now. The part we're moving to is like Formby used to be lol