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Friday, November 21, 2008

More in the Xmas fund...

We were meant to go to Manchester G last night for the £30+£30 but as the day wore on I wore out. I have somethng called pernicious anaemia which means as soon as I catch a cold I get so run down it's a joke. Really didn't fancy playing live poker with double vision and a mouth full of ulcers so the BF went off to try his luck while I went to bed.

Of course there's not much to do in bed by yourself at 8pm (yeah guys I know you can find penty to do in bed by yourself but I wasn't really in the mood) so the laptop went on and I entered the 12.5K on Ipoker. $100 is more than my usual stakes but I haven't played an online MTT for a while so wanted a decent standard, and have had a bit of luck on the 7CS tables (thanks to my flu lol) so figured I'd throw caution to the wind. As usual.

About 130 runners and my first table had a guy on who had read all the books, only watching his chip stack dwindle proved actions really do speak louder than words. He told me off for not raising with AKoff UTG - third hand in, when all the fish are still in spawny silly season and you know you're losing 4k in chips to k10 if you raise. His name was BULLYbjorne and apparently I should raise with AK to maximise my winnings then continuation bet any flop as the aggressor, as my opponent would have to fold under the pressure. I shouldn't have to point out here that while his general theory is acceptable, to me it's not on the third hand in when the blinds are 10/20, and the usual early stage madmen are all in on any flop. Particularly when the flop is 77J. I'm not in love with AK- I'm not in love with any hand if I know I'm behind :) He told me I shold raise to get info about the other players, but couldn't see he was doing it for all of us with his play.

How we laughed as he button raised every time only to fold to a reraise, or raised then bet the flop, only to fold as someone else pushed back at him. He couldn't back it up once, he was determined to try his A game out despite it being far too early, and with no idea of how the rest of the table was playing and it cost him. Anyway I soon had the decent players marked up on my table and was proven right as the final table had 5 of my table's original guys on, including me. I thought this was quite unusual? (The fact 5 of us were there - not that I got to the final table...)

Lost a big pot with AK against QQ, played itself, so having to push decided to do so when one of the original guys raised up. He was a very solid player so I knew he could fold if he didn't have a hand, but he had QQ.. having said that, I'd rather have given him my chips as I know he'll use them well. So I was 7th for just shy of £500, which with us moving house on Monday, is a handy touch.


  1. Nice result, you'll have to lay off the lemsips so that you don't shake this cold off, it seems to be doing wonders for the results!

  2. lol only on 7 card stud, my lowest week for texas winnings since july :( think not havin played hasn't helped!!

  3. Good luck with the move and the new pub x

  4. i love it when people tell you there are set ways to play certain hands!! Why didnt you raise pre flop with that? I'd have folded if you did so its unfair you now have all my chips...

    Good luck with your move

  5. Thanks guys - we're in as of yesterday, start work tomorrow officially so no updates for at least a couple of days. Steve, cheers for the phone call - as soon as we're sorted you two welcome to come over for a meal and a few drinks, speak soon x

  6. Take it easy hun hope the move goes well and nice cash btw. Thanks for your comments about the ladies tourney too - will catch up with you on the tables soon no doubt in the ECOOP Chris xx