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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

old ones are the best

This made me giggle at Blackpool last week.

I was out in the smoking cage when The Mole (above) looked up at me - he's about 4'2" - and said "bloody hell you're tall". Nothing like stating the obvious. He then asked the predictable next question that everyone does - how tall are you anyway, you must be 6 foot?
To which I give the standard reply of "No, I'm only 5'12".
The best bit is, he doesn't get that, but all of his mates/onlookers do, so they're all giggling while he thinks about it for a minute. He knows he's missed something but he's not sure what, but then again I reckon a lot goes over his head :)
His (much taller) mate Brain Martin turns to me and says " I've got three inches on you" - the obvious reply here for me was you put your three inches anywhere near me and I call the police.
Of course although everyone else was fallin about laughing Brian actually blushed and looked mortified. (whether I struck a nerve who knows) I spoke to him more over the next couple of days and he was actually a very quiet very nice guy, so Brian - I'm sorry. I'm sorry you have three inch penis. :)


  1. cant believe you posted on platonic's blog. Its a hoax blog written by midstakes regs on Crypto about a microstakes grinder.

    Pretty obvious, all the comments are a hoax too.


  2. i'm easily led .... plus I don't play Crypto... plus I don't play cash... plus I'm blonde... I did think it was a pisstake but I'd still rather hear that I'm a thick twat than he's 4 real :)

  3. and anonymous comments... yeah yeah so brave lol

  4. I played against the mole in a virgin fessie. Apparrently he play's uber high stakes online.

    Funny thing the convention that say's small people can comment on tall people's height but if you'd have said, "Hey your a little fucker aren't you" the whole table would have been mortified.

  5. How about this - I used to be really underweight no matter what I did (until I hit 30) but people thought nothin of sayin "aren't you thin" and then watching me after I eat to see if I was running for the toilet. But if I said to an overweight person "Aren't you fat" - well, you can imagine!

    The Mole seemed to be a really nice guy, as did Brain, to be fair I have only met a handful of players that were diks and most of them thought they were better players than they actually are. The better the player the nicer they seem to be.

  6. why does it seem in the photo that "The Mole£ has his arm around a women thats not really there...

  7. Yeah I found him very good table company too, specially for a guy who play's sky. I've sat with a few top online players and a few have been proper nut sacks.

  8. I am said Brian Martin and I wish I had 3 inches ;-) Dik9 pointed your blog out to me via my facebook and I must say I giggled, you are very funny and I just wish i could have thought of a better comeback at the time but I'm too shy.

  9. OMG is that really you?!!! o im so sorry lol. I have my suspicions you are really Dik9 in disguise? if it's you, prove it - post a picture of ur 3 inches lol

  10. And i am said mole, the only words i can say are HI HO :)Brian sent me this link, I think you have a superb personality and take the banter in your stride. Good to meet you. Don't believe Brian i heard its only 2" hehe