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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Have you missed me? :)

Wow feel so out of touch with the poker world! Moved house and job to a new pub and have been working our asses off just to get through Christmas & New Year - worst time ever to come into a new pub in some ways. We had the delightful job of getting a rota of 180 hours down to under 80 so we've been working pretty much every day and night and I won't pretend it's all been fun.

Then we had the added bonus of no internet here so reliant on a 3G dongle: 3G coverage in Aughton is seemingly non-existent. Apparently a neighbour tried to upgrade his dial up to broadband and they told him it wasn't available in this area - surely this can't be true?! Maybe they just didn't want him to have faster net access in case he shipped over a russian bride or similar - they don't take well to strangers round these hereparts - all a bit American werewolf in London. However - they couldn't resist me (how could they?!) and we've pulled the pub up from 3.5k a week to more than double that in just 5 weeks, so we must be doing something right. (I think just opening the doors has helped - the previous guy was a bit hit and miss by all accounts).

So when I have had a window - well more of a skylight - to play a little poker online I have had to stick to sit and gos cos the connection is liable to go off at any point during your game, but usually only when you have a big hand and are about to make your move. Or when you get to heads up - that's a bonus when you finally get back on after a 15 minute battle to find you've been blinded away.

I got out twice to play live, both times at the Liverpool Circus as it's the nearest place, plus they do run a good game there. Cashed once, think I was 7th for £150 (£30 buy in) second time crashed out with 3 tables left (99 runners) and played cash, spectacularly uneventfully. Decided to leave when I raised in SB with aces, all limpers folded round as I hadn't played a hand for about 3 centuries and had only raised previously with JJ, 10s and 78 (what?!), folded till we reached college boy who said - and I quote - okay darlin I'll dance with you.

I shit you not. "Ok Darlin I'll dance with you?" I have no knowledge of how he can translate "Raise" into hey scarf wearing goofy frat boy please call me with 93 off and we can tango round a flop of 955 together?

Don't need to tell you how I reraised his pot bet all in and he called only to hit the 9 on the turn. These may well be the calls YOU want, but me - I'm happy with a fold there, either pre or on the flop.

I'm off tues and weds this week so hoping to get out for a game somewhere - any suggestions? Within an hour's drive pls from L39 postcode - Manchester, Blackpool, Liverpool all easily reached but must be dealer dealt and with loads of fish as long as they are good enough fishies to fold on the flop if there is any chance of outdrawing me :)

Say hello if you drop by please, I'd like to think I'm not completely out of touch :( x


  1. Hi hun...i'm happy to hear you've moved and now own a pub...wow exciting stuff...Is it in a village then? I can't wait to see you again!! :)

  2. Hiya, good to see u back :) Apparently the Grosvenor (or is it just called G now?) in Manchester is pretty good for cash games. never played there myself but have a mate plays it pretty regular and he seems to do OK.

  3. cheers guys. Yes carey we're in a small village called Town Green, nr aughton, ormskirk.
    Thinking it will be the G as they have a good 30 + 30 comp on tues followed by as u say, good cash games. Who's your mate? i'll prob know his face.

  4. Nice to see you back hun - sounds like you've been bombed out but worth it if you can turn things around like that. Happy New Year btw. G at Blackpool have a double chance freezout on Tuesday £30 and a headhunter freezout on Wednesday which is pretty good fun (£25 + 5. Won't be there myself unfortunately but they have started doing a double stack freezeout on a Saturday night which Sue played last night and I'll probably go to next weekend - although I guess weekends are not great for you - but may well get to one of the midweek ones after next couple of weeks - depends on work.

  5. Hello stranger and happy New Year to the both of you, Good to have you back on line again x

  6. Hello stranger and happy New Year to the both of you, Good to have you back on line again x

  7. the alarm bells should have been ringing as soon as you heard his one liner - you just couldn't win from there on in. 'Ok darling, I'll dance with you'. What a cock. Made me smile though.

  8. good to have you back....

    Ok darling i'll dance with you... wtf x

  9. lol still giggling at the dancing line myself.. off to manc G tomorrow hopefully to see if anyone is up for a tango... hopefully they'll just want to play poker!! x

  10. Good luck with the new pub, & tinternet, regards to Col

  11. Goes by the name of Bobby although thats a nickname I think but I dont suppose that helps too much lol.

  12. Hey, how are you? Cool blog , I have added it -
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    Then I hope we meet in Liverpool in Feb, you are very welcome.
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  13. Hey Caroline, I'm 40 on the 12th, but I definitely look the younger!

  14. Mike.

    I still have my own hair


  15. sweet blog. looking for poker friends, so check me out/add me, let me know and ill add you too!
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  16. Aahh, the Xmas/New Year madness of the pub trade! I lived in a pub for nearly two years and was the assistant manager and although it seems great fun, I, like you, know it is far from that when you are doing 14-18 hours days at some points.

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