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Sunday, September 26, 2010

New plan of action required

okay i bounce through satellites like Tigger on crack, never failing to get a seat if i put my mind to it. BUT come the event I win a seat for I play more like Eeyore, and that's on a good day.

Prime example yesterday, the Liverpool Circus £250, 10k starting stack with 40 minute clock - loads of time, loads of chips.. Now no excuses - well maybe only a little - but it's not been the best week for obvious reasons and i was dreading going to the circus, which is my local, after the ex having got in there before me, plus the delightful shite all over the internet last week from him.

Normally I would happily go to poker by myself - much easier when you're first out :) - but my she-balls seemed temporarily lodged in my throat making it difficult to speak or eat. i'm not the kind of person who finds it easy to ask anyone for help, especially emotional support, but i figured it was time to ask someone to come with me as I just couldn't do it. so i fired off an email (verbal contact not possible due to the gonad throat condition) to two girls who I count as good poker buddies, both of whom i trust completely and both of whom knew a little of what had been going on before the ex imploded last week. Both of them stepped straight up the mark for which i thank them both as it was a hell of relief when they didn't tell me they were busy washing their hair.

Cut a long story short, a group of us all headed in together which was i think the only way I could have walked in there. Walked straight into Paul Action Jack Jackson who proceeded to tell me a delightful tale about a pot of cottage cheese and a woman he didn't like very much. And he didn't seem to know about the week of shame - this made me realise two things, one, that despite global coverage not everyone knew what had happened, and two, never leave any food in Paul's fridge.

Anyway sat down to my big stack, folded away for a while while congratulating myself on my nit status, and then found Jacks in the small blind, and proceeded to play them like a twat. Andy Booth had raised 2.5 BB in early position and had a call from the cut off who I ddn't know. I decided to raise again out of position as i figured i was ahead of andy, who i know quite well, so once he folded, the other guy wouldn't call. Andy DID fold so I got that bit right, but cut off called, flop comes down K 10 5, so i'm out of position with jacks on a k hi board. I wanted to bet but cut-off looked interested in the flop and in his chips so I checked to see what he did. He bet 600 into a 1200 pot so after a little think I raised his 600 to 1800, he calls but looks unhappy, turn is an ace which i'm not loving but bet out hoping to represent AK, he calls, river blank i bet again and he sits forever, looks so close to folding and then calls of course, with ace 10. i have 3k left - which is still 30 bb of course - and a raging urge to smash someone in the face. Preferably myself.

Michelle (Bricknell)still going strong so i sat down on cash where nothing much was really happening, but was heartened by a guy from Blackpool making a point of telling me that no one believed what the ex had posted, and it was all a bit playground styley which did make me feel a lot better. Had something to eat with Rick Doublebubble gilby, CCTV, and others and then moved back to cash where i exited about 150 up in the end. Down point of the day, apart from being shit at tournament poker, was the ex sending me yet another shitty text, plus knowing my car was parked somewhere nearby and I wasn't driving it home. High points of the day were finding out who your friends are, plus something else that isn't for publication - it made me smile anyway, real smiles rather than "look at me I'm really smiling" smiles :)

So the next comp i've satellited into is the big one over in Dublin in october - think i may need to attempt to learn something before that or it's just a waste of a seat. Have decided to grind out a few cash games between now and then, manchester and possibly broadway, where i can concentrate on boosting the bank roll between now and then. Possibly being lucky isn't as long term lucrative as being good lol.

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  1. Hey man,

    Would be great if you'd be willing to swap blog links with me. I have added you to mine @ http://atkinator.blogspot.com

    Hope things went well for you in the IWF/IPO or whatever the Dublin tournament was that you mentioned!