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Friday, September 17, 2010

always the bridesmaid....

still running well in satellites. won a seat in the Liverpool 250 next weekend, the 3000 euros package over to the open in Dublin next month and last night managed to get a seat for DTD's deepstack 300 on saturday. Would be nice to actually cash in one of them for a change.

Hadn't actually planned travelling to nottingham so don't even know why i played the sat really but i got fairly well chipped up from the beginning and never really stopped from there. was talking absolute shit as usual, so much so that the whole table pretty much put me on mute. That was a personal first. One player called Maddybird took it all a bit to heart and kept attempting to make " cutting remarks" lol. She then called me a donkey.. wounded. next hand she pushed the ridiculous short stack she had been nursing for 4 hours into the middle with tt, i snapped her hand off with aq and bye bye maddybird. I then typed in - you've just been taken out by a donkey - wp. She had a mostly unintelligible rant about i'd never make it blah blah, dunno if she meant to the final table, to DTD or on the stage, but either way who gives a toss?

Only been to DTD 2 times before and love the place. Have to admit I'm slightly concerned i won't play my best game, no piss take here, the past 6 weeks in the pub have been so bad that if it doesn't turn round soon Ill be out of here, so a cash injection is sorely needed. N ow when you know you actually need to win, rather than just playing for fun with an added bonus if you do cash, it's a completely different game, for me anyway. I was talking to a poker buddy who used to have a bar and he said he hated that he was always topping up the bar with his poker winnings but sometimes needs must. I try to keep my poker money completely separate from work but if you need to buy beer or the gas bill lands on your doorstep and there's no cash in the bank, what do you do.

last time i went to DTD i was on a table with simon trumper who was absolutely gobsmacked at my mouth running off as usual. He actually said to me, I had no idea you were like this. I don't think he meant it as a compliment.
A few guys were watching the table, i ended up including them in the fun and afterwards one of them invited me to come and play on the cash table they were on, which I did. We were having a laugh and so when a valet came over i offered this guy a drink. I wasn't at all embarassed to find out it was actually Rob Yong who owned the place, and all the drinks were free on that table anyway :(

If you're at DTD this weekend come and say hi. If you can't see me, just listen out for me instead and follow the noise.

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