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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's a step in the right direction

Okay so I said satellites online and live cash in my comfort zone boundaries.. Off to a good start, although it has only been three days...

Monday night I remembered i had won a freeroll on Poker TGF (Karl Mahahahahalaharotenfloz's site) for  £25 satellite to the DTD £300. However I had forgotten I was also meant to be working. I emailed Karl (he is listed as poker support on my email, poor guy) but couldn't transfer it to next week so decided I would take the laptop and try to play it if the bar was quiet.

Got off to a flying start in every way as i opened my car door, slipped on the ice and fell flat on my back, half under my own car, laptop upside down in the snow. I was more bothered about the pc which turned out to be fine, which was more than i can say for my left leg which has a bruise the whole length of my shin where i must have smacked it on the underneath of the car.

Anyway eventually got to play tourny as town was dead. We actually shut before the satellite finished, which left me sat in the window of a freezing cold empty town centre bar, with randoms walking past occasionally and banging on the window shouting Billy No Mates at me.

Two seats up for grabs, ended up with three of us, a guy I didn't know who kept sitting out and Tim White, a student who has "Possibly the worst poker player ever" listed as his job on facebook. Pissed it obviously :)

So I'm off to DTD on January 8th for the £300 with Michelle Bricknell, meeting a few others there and having a laugh and hopefully a bit a result to start the new year in nicely. I am the eternal optimist if nothin else.

Popped up to Manchester G again last night for the £50 freezeout, a comp that gets busier every week: 161 runners last night, which considering Bolton had their 3 day festival on, is pretty good. I felt I played quite well: I knew after the fourth level it turns into a bit of a crapshoot so was determined to get some chips to be able to defend/play. Had 46k when the average was 23k and found Jacks in early position in an unraised pot. Raised just over 2.5 bb (blinds 600/1200) and short stack next to me shoved for about 11k total, called and he turns over AJ, one live card that of course comes on turn. Could live with that, shit happens, very next hand UTG find QQ.. same raise, shove by under average player (not just his chips, i'm referring to his ability) has about 12k total, i don't feel I'm behind for a second and he shows me ace 10 off, which of course matches the ace that comes on the river.

He was made up with himself which led me ask "What did you think you were beating with ace 10?" to which his reply was "what do you mean? I don't have to be beating anything - I had an ace."

The table broke at the same time as my spirit which was a relief as I think if i couldnt have made him cry verbally I definitely would have kicked him in the bollocks.

Got it all in later with 99 to suck out against aces which made me feel better - guilty but better - then committed myself with AQ and had to call against AK with the few chips I had left. No river joy for me and i was out in 40th place.

The two lads i had come with were playing cash at at £25 sit down table. I'd deliberately not brought much money with me as I didn't want the opportunity to play cash colour my judgement in the tourny as it usually does, but I decided to sit down with £25. The table vibes were poor and there wasnt any money on there as it had just opened, so i moved to a £50 table 1/1 blinds with £29. Cheeky I know, but that's how I roll ;)

Two hours later I cashed in £480, which although not my best cashout at the G, certainly the best in terms of initial starting stakes.

Freaky stuff on the home front - went out this morning to pick up any little presents that my dog may have left in the garden and found the small shovel i use for this job has disappeared. It was there yesterday in the usual place but is now nowhere to be seen. On top of that, one of urns that had flowers in from dad's funeral has been smashed as well. The back garden is pretty secure, you would physically have to climb a five foot wall to get in and the house wasn't broken into but I'm a little freaked out that someone maybe had a nosy around, particularly as I had told over a thousand people i was off to Manchester by the medium of inyourfacebook.

Working all weekend with the New Year festivities so probably wont be playihng out much now til DTD the weekend after, apart from the Vegas League game on Monday night, and any more satellites that grab my attention.

Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true in 2011


  1. Thank you! Hope your 2011 is everything you want it to be and thanks for the support on here x

  2. Nice post £29 into £450 my best is £60 into £800 but i hit everythin keep them fish nibbleing

  3. thank you anon, going back tomorrow for another go lol

  4. Anon is john morris, not very good at this computer stuff hence no blog name etc.. spun £60 into £630 on monday night at con club, Fat tony moaned all night long as per!!

  5. lol hiya john, i like Tony, always had a great laugh with him at the tables.
    His wife rang once when we were playing cash at the G, about 5am, and he was sat opposite me saying to her"yes love im playing cards no love I'm not with a woman etc" looking directly at me pleading with me mutely not to speak. I could have got him a quickie divorce with just a couple of right words that night i reckon!!