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Thursday, June 24, 2010

ooh hello there

Once again - testing to see if this works. My blog is behaving just like me - very badly! Allowing access when it feels like it and refusing all other attempts - again, just like me.

Any PC whizzes email me on 2009cal@live.co.uk to tell me how to transfer all this blog to a new one - I don't want to start again!

I enjoyed reading the last post's comments, nice posts about my dick - how do these people know these things? I've gotta stop wearing these short skirts - the hairy ball sac hanging beneath the hemline is SUCH a give away. sigh.

Poker? PLayed a little, won a little, lost.... a little more :)

No doubt anyone familiar with me now knows I came third in the Women's World Open a couple of months ago - cue loads of new facebook buddies I've never met and have no mutual friends in common with. Not sure what they want from me - maybe they've heard about the penis thing and feel Thailand is just to far to go when you can get a homegrown one right here in the North.

Gearing up for a trip to Liverpool hopefully for the festival at the beginning of the month. I'll see if this allows me to post and more importantly, access it afterwards, then hopefully get back into blogging.


  1. jesus, thought you were dead ;-)

  2. It's 5.30am and I'm going to bed to get up at 7am... I feel like I an dead! Thanks for the warm welcome back though :)