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Friday, June 25, 2010

£1k up from Blackpool G cash game

Managed to sneak away from the pub for the night to play the Blackpool G £50 FO, played relatively well until making a monstrous move that was played to perfection. My one schoolgirl error was thinking a guy who didn't have a fold in him could find a fold here. He couldn't, and even came out with the immortal line of I know you're ahead. sigh gg.

Onto the cash table about 11.30pm, full table and pretty constant all night with only the occasional new face but always in the same two seats. Ash Hussien & Gareth "Nugget" Jones were there, Gareth being only the 2nd tightest player on the table for once, as Blackpool Ted (Gnashers) was doing his impression of Mt Rushmore, only not quite as good looking. The only time he lost all night was when he dropped a £1 chip under the table.

I started with the customary drop of a couple of hundred, in my usual manner of trying to outplay people I don't have the first clue about. Slowed down and started to watch a bit and once I felt comfy started standard raising of mediocre hands. Mediocre is actually bigging the hands up a bit if I'm honest.

Raised with 49s UTG (no idea why other than I was holding a strong table image so knew Icould C bet and probably get all callers to fold on most flops.) Flop came 9 4 9. which was nice. I bet straight out half pot and got one caller, a scouser called Billy who is a really nice kid and a decentish player. Now I know he's capable of floating me on the flop and raising on the river - he knows I would have to fold an overpair here if he represents the 9 well enough. I didn't know if he was going to bluff or of he actually had the 9 so decided to let him take the pace on the turn (6) so checked. Billy thought and then bet around half the pot. I reluctantly called, while giving him a load of tosh about "I don't know if I'm good enough to fold this hand" etc. The river was a 2 so I'm only beat by 69 (insert double entendre HERE) so I figure I'm good with my full house. I sat on then bet £25, saying "That's stopped you hasn't it? You thought I'd check agan and you can bet so I have to fold, but what you gonna do now, my bet has stopped your action etc" Billy smiled a little and slowly said raise, which he did, up to £70. Cue best gutted face from me. "thought" about it for a while then said "nice try - try this one for size - I'm allin." His turn to look suprised.

Now I know he obviously has a 9 now and as he hasn't insta called I also know he hasn't filled up (rocket science was my best subject at school) so I go to town on the talk. Laughing my head off I'm telling him he didn't expect that did he, he thought he could raise me and I'd go away, well nice try Billy but I've played you before, you haven't got a 9 and even if you have I know you're a good enough player that you know you can't call that unless you have a full house, which you don't right? So you have got to fold ha ha and so on" Kept telling him what a good player he was and how he knew he couldn't call it with just a bare 9 until he asked the dealer how much it was.. it was £275 more. He looked like he was going to fold, so I started telling him to save his money,how he knew I liked him and didn't want his dough, if he wasn't full he was behind so why not save your cash and pass... Did the trick - he called and I flipped the mighty 49 (he had K9)... bless him :D

Pulled a straight flush as well after raising with 4s6c, flop was 457 all clubs. turn was the 8 clubs, Hungarian guy called my bets on flop and turn then raised river, to which I more or less min raised as I figured that wa sthe most I would get. He hummed for a bit (better than Hungary's Eurovision entry this year) and called, before I even flipped it over Ash Hussein was saying straight flush - am I that obvious?!

Left about 4.30am with a nice wad of £50s and loads of curly £20s (the cokeheads are ruining our banknotes) and drove home feeling quite happy. Good mood slightly dimmed by the other half pissed out of his skull and snoring for Britain, rendering even 2 hours sleep impossible.

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