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Thursday, March 12, 2009

arse about face

well I haven't been able to sign into my own blog for a week.
No idea why - when I open the page it tells me it's aborted - maybe that's Blogger's opinion of my blog but I like it and I'm sticking with it, so needed to find a way round it...
Success - Found Steve Holden's blog and signed in from there - arse aboutface way of doing things but where there's a will there's a relative or something.

Pure poker shortage at the moment for me due to work - we signed a lease 2 weeks ago today at the same time the other local pub decided to close for a refit for 2 weeks - I don't think I've slept more than 4 hours each night since we've been that busy. No complaints obviously other than I'm desperately needing a foot transplant.

So you all know my internet situation - practically non existent on a shitty dongle, so no internet play other than a week last monday - I popped over to Southport at about midnight on the sunday night to partake in the cash game - dreadful game but needs musts when the devil drives. Stayed there till 5.30 am, got home near to 6 and had to be up at 7am for daughter and school run etc, so decided it was pointless going to bed. Sleep is for sleepy people! Had a dabble on betfred, did the school bit came back and played some ridiculous 2 dollar rebuy, no rebuys (!!!) one addon and came second for about 500 quid - happy days. Tuesday night or possibly weds (the days went a bit blurry after sleep deprivation) I played an evening deepstack, and came 7th for a few more hundred. However, that's pretty much it for the internet, and live play hasn't been possible other than the pub game here, which I bashed last night, won both games and was up £150.

anyway I'm gonna post this and see if it actually lets me. please comment just to let m eknow that other ppl can actually access the blog!


  1. I can't read it or post comments!

  2. I can read it, you might want to clear your browser cache.

  3. Hi hun - not sure what's going on - can only read it if I log in and it was telling me the operation was aborted a few times. Hope you are ok anyway - maybe see you in Leeds on 18th? Chris x