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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2nd day.. no good

Have to say I played very weakly on the second day. Whether i was tired (severe lack of sleep) or whether I got too complacent with the long clock (1 hour) I don't know but I played very poorly. Basically let myself get blinded away which seems a shame after the hard work I put in teh day before. There were a few on my table with less chips than me which led to a lot of pushing, from them, leading in turn to no opportunity for me to push when I needed to. I can't say my cards were any good wither, the only pics I saw was kq in the BB after a raise then a reraise allin, which the original raiser had commited themselves to call by leaving less than half their stack behind, so I folded but on reflection I probably would have been better calling for the size of the pot, the fact my BB was in, and I only had about another 12 BB. As it turned out I would have hit 2 pr and won the pot, beating JJ and AJ.

Ah well, I guess I'll know better next time. Played like a fish in the cash games as well, so really not a great weekend financially for me. We did get £500 each from the team event though: on the first day we were leading the points with the Castle team, Doublebubble Rick, Ky and Thumper, all of whom we know so we decided instead of a grand each, we;d split between the two teams. As it turned out, our team came second so definietly a wise decision!

Had a nice compliment on AWOP, The Chaser commented I had played well on the first day - it's nice to see someone whose game you respect saying that on a forum for everyone else to see - I'm just glad he didn't comment on the second day...

On a non-poker topic, we may be buying the lease on the pub ourselves. The opportunity came up a while ago, but in this day and age we needed to know it was a viable proposition, which we do think it is after 3 months running it. So, cross your fingers, we're moving into further discussions this week and will know more shortly.


  1. oh well. You just didn't get the breaks when you needed them. WP for getting to day 2.

  2. Definitely a good fold with the KQ and there is nothing you can learn from that other than the fact you made the right decision.

  3. You always make me laugh out loud when I read your blog - unlike some others that take themselves a bit too seriously some of the time!

    It was fun playing with you in Liverpool, see you soon...

  4. Tx guys, hi to you Lynne, good 2 c u too - i'll catch you at the BLPT tour - I'll be hailing a taxi as you wander over to the final table!!