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Sunday, January 23, 2011

View from the other side of the table?

This year's GUKPT kicks off in my favourite casino, Manchester G this week, so you'll find me there most of the week.

If this sentence has just made you reach for your Ipod to make sure it has fresh batteries just in case you are unlucky enough to be on my table, panic not. I'm not playing.

It's much worse than that guys. I'm doing live updates for Blonde Poker forum, so no one will be able to escape the Mouth, whatever their seat draw.

For anyone who doesn't know, I was a journalist for many years, but moved into the licensed trade with my ex when we got together. Although I'm still in the pub game, in partnership with a friend at a local bar, I decided this was the year for me to get back into the only thing I do well. Unfortunately the sex industry is a dying trade, so decided to go back to writing instead.

A few phone calls later and I've managed to secure some freelance work with a local online news site as well as some occasional work from a national poker magazine. The chance to do the updating for Blonde is icing on the cake for me, as it will give me a chance to see how it works from the other side of  the felt as well as provide networking opportunities aplenty. I might even get a shag -  Remind me, which casinos is Plinton barred from again?

To be honest, I've a lot to live up to as previous updaters have been as dry as the proverbial nun's crotch, and my humour is slightly more.. shall we say.. obvious? But it won't hurt those Blonde boys to get a different perspective on life, to see the other side of the clunge so to speak.

So there won't be much on here this week, but you'll be able to keep up with what's going on with me by looking for all the ( locked ) threads on Blonde from Thursday :)


  1. Good luck biatch

  2. will look forward to the reports here and this is anything to go by the vegas team challenge final is gonna be an hilarious weekend lol

  3. Vegas Team Challenge is gonna be amazing!! Someone called Snugglebum is going to kill me, I think I've had at least 5 different players threaten me in all lol. It's okay though, i get on well with the other 300 +

  4. good luck in your new postion.

  5. Other side of the clunge...... You have such a delightful way with words.

    Should be an entertaining set of updates.

    Matt x

  6. Jesus-dont tell me there isn't a queue to shag you-you're a fine thing. GL with the updating

  7. Good luck Caroline. Not sure whether to feel relieved or disappointed not to be there to be written about :)

  8. What a great start to the new year for you! Look forward to reading your updates on blonde! About time blonde had a bit of humour brought into there site,Good luck x

  9. You should leave the poker and jus do updates for blonde because you are sooooooooo crap at poker but the updates where good so well done.
    Sorry but thats just the truth