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Saturday, July 03, 2010

With the circumstances I find myself doing a lot of vague nothing at the moment, inbetween running round sorting the funeral etc out. About half eight last night the other half asked if i was gonna play some online poker so I thought why not, although I knew I wasn't really in the right frame of mind.

Anyway I played the $30 rebuy, $15K gtd on Ipoker and managed to pull off a very creditable 3rd place for $1500. I do think I could have come second only for a real schoolgirl error... I had 72 on the BB and knew the SB would probably limp in again as he had been doing, despit ethe blinds being 5 and 10 k. Every time he did i was raising or pushing all in, and this time I thought I'd let him see a flop, so had auto clicked check. Now I never do this usually as it's an instant giveaway that youhave no hand at all. Anyway, I realised I'd ticked "fold" rather than check, so moved the mouse over to click the check button and clicked, just as he pushed all in. I'd imagine both guys on the table wondered why I snap called 4/5 of my stack off with 72, but now you know :(

His K5 held up.. I had 70K left which I pushed in 2 hands later with 89, missed and left the table. sigh.

Anyway, I'm obviously happy with the result, I generally played well, so hopefully this is the start of a good run. Even better, it may well be that I've started to play better generally lol, as although I havent played much this year, I'm not doing too badly (live rather than online).

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